In the present fast faced world, the vital problem or disease from which most of the people are suffering is none other than obesity. It is gradually taking over individuals and all are desperately in search of safe and effective ways to lose their extra weight. In this search they are wasting their hard-earned money on ineffective and harmful things, whereas the solution is in their hand in the form of healthy foods. Here are a few healthy foods that help you lose weight by increasing your metabolic rate and lowering your calorie consumption.

Salmon (Fish)

Salmon is rich in protein and thus it helps in making you feel full without adding a lot of fat. The Salmon helps to reduce the overall fat content. It is suggested not to cook salmon with the help of oil as it increases the fat content. Instead you can boil the fish for cooking. Salmon is highly rich in some of the most vital vitamins and essential minerals required by our body. It contains Omega 3, proteins B12, vitamin D with many essential minerals to boost metabolism.


Melon is a tasty food for tongue and an extremely healthy food for body as it helps to burn down the extra calories in your body. Many nutrition experts as well as doctors recommend to introduce melon in every day food items because of its metabolism booster properties. With regular consumption of melon you can effectively lower your calorie consumption thus reducing your extra calorie.

Pears and Apple

Various studies and research shows that these two fruits drastically help to reduce fat in the body by increasing metabolism in the system. It is found that persons having 1-2 apples a day experience a great reduction in their weight within a few days. Being loaded a number of vital nutrients these two healthy foods help you to burn your accumulated body fat thus reducing your weight.


Cucumber plays a very important role for offering you a healthy body. It is low in calorie and contains almost 15gm of calories for 100gm. It contains no saturated fats or cholesterol. Cucumber having free-water and low-sodium content can be consumed daily more than 100gms. Just 6-8 slice of cucumber can actually increase the metabolic function of the body and helps to reduce weight in a stipulated time frame.

These healthy foods that help you lose weight being completely natural can be easily incorporated with each other to design a whole diet plan for the day covering your breakfast, lunch and dinner. But if you want to derive full benefits of these foods it is very important that you must stick to these foods with full dedication and commitment. Moreover, you have to shun oily, junk and fried foods completely from your food list and continue with these healthy foods only if you want to lose your weight.

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