I believe all of us have experienced the terrible feeling of having a sore throat, right? The continuous unstoppable coughing, accompanied by husky and hoarse voice, describes the experience of having a sore throat. Sometimes even though you have a bad sore throat, you simply do not wish to visit the doctor. Perhaps you are lazy to make a trip down, or you have a tight budget. Hence, you should know these 6 tips to relieve a bad sore throat!

Make a glass of salty water and rinse your mouth

This is a very easy and cost-effective way of healing your sore throat. You simply put half a tablespoon of salt into a glass of water and stir it. After that, you can gargle the salt water in your mouth and spit it out. To have maximum effect, you should gargle with the salty water at least three times a day. The salty content removes bacteria lying around in your throat and aids to relieve the pain.

You can always drink a tasty, sweet glass of honey water

If you hate the flavor of salty water, then you should try a glass of honey water for your throat. In fact, honey water is popular for its soothing effect for a sore throat. Scientific research has proved that honey water does indeed cure injuries. In other words, it also aids to cure your sore throat. Moreover, honey water helps to relieve the heat level in your body. If you have lost your voice, you can always drink honey water to bring back your voice. To make it an even tastier drink, you can add a few slices of lemon!

Plain water

The simplest way of curing your sore throat is to drink tons and tons of plain water. Whenever you are sick, having a fever or bad throat, it is essential to drink lots of water. This is to retain the water level in your body. If you have a lot of phlegm, you should drink water to clear them away. When your throat is dry and painful, drinking water helps to soothe the pain.

You should stay at home to rest!

If you really have a very bad sore throat, my advice is to stay at home to rest. You should avoid going out or to work. Having plenty of rest helps build your body immune system. Moreover, if you go outside, there is a risk that you might spread your sickness to others.

You can always brew yourself a cup of chamomile tea

Drinking chamomile tea is very effective against a sore throat, as it fights against the viruses. Chamomile aids to make your whole body less tense and relieves any type of pain. Therefore, it is a must drink item if you want to heal your sore throat. This tea can be easily found in any local grocery shops.

You can eat oranges or make yourself a cup of orange juice

Oranges are well known for its loads of Vitamin C, which aids in building up your body immunity. You can either eat the oranges or make yourself an orange juice. If you are making juice, you can add other fruits such as lemon and apples to soothe your throat better.

If you are suffering from a bad sore throat, you should try these 6 tips to relieve the pain! Even though they are not expensive remedies, they are actually effective cures!

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