Are you planning for parenthood? Have you been trying to bring the baby on board? But then, how do you know that whether the baby is on its way or not? Pregnancy is a complicated process. First time mothers would have lot of confusions about their status.

During pregnancy, every female body undergoes several changes. However, the reactions and symptoms may vary person to person. Read these possible symptoms and you’ll learn how to detect pregnancy. In case certain symptoms matches with your own, you should book an appointment with your doctor and confirm pregnancy and spread the good news.

But here, you shall get to know about top 10 early signs of pregnancy.

  • Sore breasts – Your breasts might appear a bit swollen just as they do before your period. This is the result of the hormonal changes your body is going through. By the trimester, this will get normal.
  • Bloating – Very common signs of pregnancy. Good way to go through this symptom is to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated as well as reduce intake of too much salt.
  • Fatigue – You might start feeling very low on energy, almost exhausted all the time. This can also be accompanied by morning sickness and frequent use of the loo.
  • Frequent urination – When you’re pregnant, blood volume increases and thus the level of blood flowing through your kidneys also increases thus it fills up your bladder. That’s why you need to pee frequently.
  • Missing period – If you face any of those above mentioned symptoms and also realize that your usual cycle has passed and you’re still not on period then you might want to do a pregnancy test to confirm pregnancy.
  • Nausea – Many pregnant women face this issue while the baby is 6 weeks old. Morning sickness could be experienced under such conditions.
  • Cramps – You might also feel cramps in your stomach. This happens because the uterus then starts preparing itself by stretching to make place for the baby.
  • Food aversions – There develops a sudden craving for citric food while pregnant. Even foods which you liked earlier might not appear good to you anymore. Such aversions are also considered as pregnancy symptom.
  • Mood swings – Your partner could be the judge here! You might appear cranky while being pregnant. This is because of hormonal changes going inside your body. You can guess your pregnancy if this is also a symptom you’re facing.
  • Heartburn – This is like having a burning sensation within your chest. Even increased amount of gas can happen while you’re pregnant. You should take antacids and eat good food to settle your stomach and promote easy digestion.

So here you are. Now if some or many of these symptoms are happening to you, reach out to your doctor for pregnancy confirmation and spread the good news and enjoy.

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