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Spine-Health Protection Methods

Do not make these movements for your spine Do not make these movements for your spine health. Unwitting positions taken during the day can cause health problems in the future. The spine bones are one of the basic systems that hold the human body. In later ages, there may be a distortion in the bones structures […]

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Causes of Urinary Abduction in Women

We brought together the causes of urinary incontinence, that are extremely uncomfortable for you! Are you inadvertently experiencing urinary incontinence in unexpected places and times? And are you in a difficult situation? If you are also wondering why your incontinence is happening, we may be able to help you. What are the Reasons for Urinary […]

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Benefits and Disadvantage of Coffee

Benefits and Disadvantage of Coffee (Everything You Wonder about it) Is there anyone who does not drink coffee? I think very few people will answer “yes” to this question. Therefore, it is very important to examine coffee consumption closely. Because knowing the benefits and harms of the coffee can change your preferences. I also get […]

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Diseases That Cause Over Body Hairing

The biggest nightmare of women is caused by excessive hair growth. Every woman’s dreams are to have a smooth and hairless skin. However, you may have been faced with the problem of overgrowth due to some diseases or genetic reasons. One of the biggest problems of women is the problem of excessive hairiness, it can […]

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Reduce Salt İn Your Life İn 10 Steps

Salt consumption must be balanced so that blood pressure control can function regularly. If you say ” I can not eat salt-free food”, then you are definitely neglecting your health. If you do not have any health problems, we do not take the salt completely out of your life, but reducing it will positively affect your health. […]

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How to Get Rid Of Summer Flu

Summer flu can occur due to the reasons such as consumed cold drinks, ice cream, air conditioner blowing, and it takes longer to be healed. You can usually wake up in the morning when you have a sudden chill after sweating. Here we sort out what you need to be able to get through the summer effort […]

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What Are Early Menopause Symptoms?

What are the early menopausal symptoms that affect women’s life quality deeply? The answer is in ThinkersBlog. We know menopause is one of the inevitable health problems that come to women of a certain age. Menopause occurs when the menstrual period ends up and the ovary loose its functioning. Although menopause is generally seen in the 45-55 age range, […]

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How To Lighten Hair Color By Chamomile Tea

We had previously shared an article about how to lighten the hair color with oxygenated water. As an alternative to this method, you can also lighten your hair color using chamomile tea. Those who prefer chamomile juice are generally those who think that their hair is dry and broken when they lighten their hair with oxygenated […]