We all know that green vegetables particularly the leafy ones are very good for health. But the problem is in the storing of leafy green vegetables. Most of us buy fresh green leafy vegetables from the market and come back home happy, at least I feel that way!

On returning, we tend to wash them and store them in the refrigerator. But within few days, to our surprise, those once fresh green vegetables gets discolored and worse when black. It really disturbs me when I need to throw away vegetables once bought fresh.

So here is how I solved this problem of storing leafy green vegetables and make them stay fresh for long.

  • Step 1: Wash the green vegetables properly
  • Step 2: Cut them as desired
  • Step 3: Take a dry container and place a piece of kitchen paper to suck remaining moisture from the vegetables
  • Step 4: Towel dry the washed vegetables using clean kitchen towel or kitchen paper
  • Step 5: Place the green vegetables in the container
  • Step 6: Place another layer of kitchen paper on top of them
  • Step 7: Close the lid of the container and store it in the fridge

That’s it. Now keep checking the container. If you see the papers turning wet, replace with a fresh set of papers. If you can keep extra moisture out of way, your leafy green vegetables will remain fresh for long.

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