We all know the purpose of a garage door opener is to provide us with safety, security and convenience.  It performs a seemingly easy job of lifting and lowering a garage door at the press of a button. Open and shut case, right? Wrong. Today, there are many product features and options to consider when choosing a new garage door opener.  Home improvement stores stock the latest and greatest models of top brands like the Genie PowerMax 1500 that offer standard and special options to enhance performance.

Standard Features

Standard features include a safe-T- beam which during closing reverses the door upward when an object is obstructing the horizontal infrared sensor. This safety device that was not mandated by law prior to 1993 could save the life of your child, pet, or vehicle. Customary for newer Genie brand openers, Intellicode 2 technology increases security by changing the access code at each use to prevent unwanted opening.  Another common feature among state-of-the-art garage door openers is compatibility with HomeLink and Car2U systems. These systems conveniently allow you to operate garage door openers from your car without purchasing additional transmitter remotes and eliminate the worry of misplacing your remote.

Special Features

Higher-end openers use a 140-volt DC motor that delivers 1HP for maximum efficiency. This special feature not only gives the opener capability to lift heavy doors but the means to open and close quickly and smoothly.  A dual frequency system automatically seeks both 315 MHz and 390 MHz frequencies to guarantee a reliable response in any case of nearby interference. For added safety, security, and convenience a motion sensor light is also incorporated into some new opener models.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current garage door opener or purchase one for a new garage, openers offer many features to consider. So, don’t be fooled with thinking all garage door openers serve their purpose the same.  Home improvement stores provide specialists on site and their websites list thorough product descriptions to assist you with discovering which of the latest features best suit your lifestyle alongside providing the safety, security, and convenience intended.

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