Today, the main entranceway of many homes is the garage. Just like a front door, it is able to be opened and closed manually, but why would you want to? As the American home has evolved simultaneously with technology, so have garage door openers. It is important to understand the basics before purchasing a new operator, remote, or accessory.

Operating Mechanisms

  1. Chain Drive- With this system, a metal chain pushes or pulls a trolley along the rail to operate the motor. Although typically the least expensive, chain drives cause the most noise and vibration making it undesirable for those who have living areas about the garage. Ranking high in durability and reliability, this system can be long lasting if maintained properly with periodic lubrication.
  2. Belt Drive- A belt drive garage opener works in the same manner as a chain drive except a rubber style belt runs the length of the rail instead of a metal chain. The big advantage? Belt drive systems operate much more smoothly, nearly eliminating any noise or vibration. However, this quiet feature doesn’t come without additional cost.
  3. Screw Drive- By lifting a garage door with a threaded steel rod, a screw drive opener offers speedy opening. This system has fewer moving parts and requires less maintenance. Lubrication from time to time will help ensure smooth operation and may dial down the metal –to-metal noise.

Safety and Security Features

Safety and security have become more important than ever in recent years. That’s why top garage door opener manufacturers have introduced new technology to protect your home and family to their products. All models made after 1993 are required to have safety beams that when interrupted, will reverse the movement of the door. This feature prevents injury to children, pets, and property in the doors path.  Rolling code technology sends out a different code at each use making it impossible for intruders to duplicate the code and enter your home.

Additional Options

  • Advanced lighting systems have the capability to turn on or off lights /appliances inside the house in addition to the garage.
  • Motors that use DC current rather than AC current tend to operate more quietly. Look for a ½ horse power motor if you have a larger garage door.
  • Keypads are convenient for those that frequently misplace or forget keys.

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