The garage was first created to provide a large open area where methods of transportation could be stored. Over the years, it’s purpose has evolved into storing much, much more. As a target for clutter, garages have easily become common dumping grounds for just about anything. In addition to being aesthetically unpleasing, garage chaos can be dangerous. How many times have you tripped over something lying on the floor? Accidentally bumped into an object while parking? Knocked over miscellaneous junk when opening a car door? If any of these have happened to you, there is a time to celebrate! National Clean Out Your Garage Day is the first Saturday after Labor Day. Although it’s not marked on your calendar as an offical holiday, it may be a holiday worth observing. These 3 simple garage-organizing tips might be the motivation you need to start your garage transformation.

  • Pick it up. Stop walking through a maze and tripping over things by using as much verticle and ceiling space as possible. This is extremely important if you park your car here. Consider small storage sheds or basements for extra stowing room. Holders for brooms/mops, rakes and even bikes can be purchased from a local hardware store. Heavy duty hooks are great multipurpose hanging tools.
  • Move it out. It may not be realistic to take absolutely everything out and start over with a blank canvas but imagine an empty garage. Which areas are best used for what purpose? After you have designated spaces for certain activities sort through your belongings, throwing away what is unusable and recycling or donating what you don’t want. Move the items you are keeping toward the area it will most likely be used.
  • Clean and Organize. Group like items together so they can be found quickly and easily. Think about creating a shoe rack, a shelf for cleaning supplies, or a cabinet for bulk toilet paper and paper towels. Finally, when things are in their proper place, label everything. Labeling is a tedious but necessary task to ensure your newly organized garage stays clean and structured.

If I were to suggest a fourth tip, it would be to get creative. The possibilities for your garage are endless with all of the DIY websites and tutorials  available today to assist you. Although National Clean Out Your Garage Day is on September 7th this year, the real celebration will be when you have room to complete projects, easily find things, and are no longer embarrassed when your neighbor gets a peek into your garage.

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