Stomach pain has been one of our biggest problems in the past and is a problem that must be taken seriously. Stomach pain can occur for many reasons, and stomach pain can be a symptom of many other diseases. For this reason, the causes of stomach pain should be analyzed very well and the treatment should be done before it is too late.

Recently, the number of people who applied to the doctor with complaints of stomach pain is increasing. The biggest cause of our stomach aches is the what we consume… The percentage of those who survive the stomach aches by eating properly is very high … By using medicines for stomach pain and taking care of what you eat, you will be able to stop big stomach crises. However, before you use medication for stomach pain, you should definitely apply to your doctor and you should not use medication according to your own choice except for the prescription drugs.

Why is Stomach Pain Important?

Stomach pain is a disease that needs to be taken care of and you should definitely apply to your doctor. Because the reasons for stomach pain that you summarize in a simple way can be the news of many other diseases. The answer is that these aches are a result of an illness or just a result of indigestion. With this knowledge, your stomachache can be diagnosed early.

Stomach or abdominal pain;

  • Neural indigestion,
  • Gallstone,
  • Ulcer,
  • Stomach cancer and
  • It can be a sign of gastritis and colitis.

”If your pain lasts for 1-2 days, it will be useful for your health if you apply to your doctor without spending more time.”

Why Stomach Pain Occurs?

Stomach ache nowadays is a concept that almost everyone is familiar with, and nobody is stranger to it … Unfortunately, we are exposed to these stomach aches because of our psychological reasons and our eating habits. What is important is how often and severely you experience stomach aches.

Stomach pain can lead because of many reasons. These reasons may be based on psychological problems, as well as the irregular nutrition of the person, hormonal factors or a disease that the person does not notice. The main causes of stomach pain may be:

  • Indigestion
  • Flatus
  • Reflux
  • The stress of daily life
  • An allergic condition of any nutrient
  • A disease of the stomach
  • Appendicitis
  • Constipation
  • Lactose Intolerance (a problem related to milk and milk products)
  • A hernia
  • Intestinal knotting
  • Hormonal factors
  • Psychological reasons
  • Environmental factors
  • Irregular and unhealthy eating habits,
  • Long-term hunger,
  • Alcohol and cigarette consumption,
  • To consume extremely spicy foods,
  • Gallstone disease,
  • Ulcers, diseases such as gastritis, colitis and stomach cancer.
What is good for stomach pain?

If you do not have a chronic stomach pain and if the reasons for your stomach pain are due to simple reasons, it is possible to get rid of your stomach aches in a short time with natural methods. If you are faced with a non-chronic stomach pain problem, you can find the answer to the question “How stomach pain can be healed” in this part of my article. Here are some of the ways in which the stomach aches healed and what is good for the stomach ache …

Consum Light Food

If you have not been paying attention to eating and drinking lately, and you think you have consumed fatty food, then it is time to relax yourself a little. You can consume foods that absorb stomach acid to relieve stomach aches such as bread, toast, bananas, rice (very low fat), boiled potatoes, boiled chicken (skinless). By these nutrients, you can stabilize your aches by balancing your stomach acid without exhausting your digestive system too much. Light foods will help you to digest slowly and for a long time if it is easy to digest.

Abundant fluid Consumption

Abundant fluid consumption is important in stomach pain, especially if you have diarrhea with stomach aches and you have lost plenty of water throughout the day.

Consum Low Fat Foods

If you have a serious indigestion problem, you should opt for five meals a day, which you will gradually eat instead of the three meals you will cram during the day. At these meals, you should eat light healthy foods instead of very oily, salty, spicy and heavy foods. You should stay away from processed foods, canned foods, fast-food consumption, fatty meat and dairy products, and plenty of spicy foods. If you like to consume these type of foods very much and if you have difficulty getting them out of your life, at least reducing these the amount of these foods will help your digestive system work smoother and faster.

Plenty of Fiber Food

The cause of stomach aches can sometimes be due to long constipation. In such cases, you should definitely pay attention to your water consumption, but you should also drain your bowels by consuming the fibrous food that helps your digestive system work properly. With fiber foods, you can solve your toilet problem and end up with stomach pain caused by constipation.

The best products recommended to be consumed for constipation; wheat cheddar, brown rice, refined grains, wholemeal bread, dried plums, dried apricots, dried figs, and so on. Other than these, regular green vegetables and fresh fruits are considered to be good food for constipation.

Consum Yoghurt and Kephir

Yogurt and kephir are fermented dairy products and contain plenty of calcium and vitamin D as well as a probiotic that helps digestion. Probiotics are very important for stomach pain because they provide protection against disturbances such as gastric infection, chronic gastric inflammation, diarrhea leading to stomach pain. At the same time, it alleviates the symptoms of stomach discomfort. However, what you need to pay attention to here is the active culture of these products. That means that yogurt and kefir you consume must be written on the package “contains active culture” to help digest it.

Consuming Flax Seeds

Flaxseed is very good for constipation because it contains omega-3 fatty acid, known as high fiber and healthy fat. You can consume the flax seeds using it by mixing with yogurt or in your salads, it will reduce the swelling and stomach ache in the body. Consume the flaxseed, which is a very healthy food, in your morning, afternoon and evening meals as you like.

Consum Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is one of the products that help digestion. Ginger tea is very important because it stabilizes the production of stomach acid and alleviates stomach pain, especially after excessive eating. For stomach ache, Cut 2-3 slices of fresh ginger from the root and pour into boiling water and let it boil for 3-4 minutes. Then wait for 10 minutes until it gets cooled. Then consume about 2 to 3 cups of ginger tea a day. At first, you may not like ginger very much and you may find it very bitter, but when you see that it is good and you feel good, you will experience that there is not a taste that you should be feared of. If you really have difficulty consuming it, you can sweeten your ginger tea by adding a sweet spoonful of honey.

Other Suggestions for Heartburn treatment

You have done everything you can for stomach ache, but have you still not got rid of the pain? Then you should deepen the question of stomach ache and get a few alternative proposals. If you are looking for alternative answers to the question of what should be for stomach ache, you should read the rest of my article absolutely


Milk will soften the stomach and reduce the burning sensation that occurs in the stomach. You can end your stomach ache with drinking a few sips of warm milk. If you are lactose intolerant, you can evaluate the lactose-free milk option produced for you. If you have ulcers, you should take care not to consume the milk in the long term.

Carbonated Water

If you do everything possible but still have not gotten any results, there is a method called carbonated water. With a teaspoon of carbonate dissolved in a glass of water, you can reduce the effect of hydrochloric acid on your stomach and reduce burning.

Daisy, licorice or Thyme Tea

If you feel comfortable while eating the food, you can drink daisies and licorice tea immediately after meals. These teas will block food acids and prevent your formation of burns. Another option is thyme tea. Because thyme tea will help ease your digestion by helping you relax.

Chewing gum

The chewing gum option also comes out as one of the methods of relieving your stomach. To reduce the effect of stomach acid and to relieve digestion after meals, chewing for a half an hour, especially a sugar-free gum, will prevent your stomachache.

Cinnamon Honey mixture

One of the alternative methods is a spoonful of cinnamon honey mixture, which you will get every day. Cinnamon and are used for stomach acid and ulcer for a very long time. Mixing a little cinnamon and honey can relieve your stomach.

Banana and Melon

Studies have shown that consumption of bananas and melons reduces the effects of stomach burning.

Massage and Walking

If your heartburn is related to a gas jam, there are a few other ways to do it. One of these is a stomach massage … You should sit down so that your back is upright for your stomach massage and press it slowly in circular motion. You can relax with the warmth and movement of your hand warmth as you rub it. Otherwise, your second option might be a short, non-exhausting walk. By walking heavily and calmly, you can help you relax.

When is Stomach Pain dangerous?

If stomach ache finds you with long and short intervals, you may not care much about it, but if you start to suffer stomach ache for a long time and short intervals, you should absolutely take it seriously.

As we have said before, there can be multiple causes of stomach aches. However, we must emphasize before everything that you should always consult a doctor if your stomach aches start suddenly and continue for a long time.

Sometimes the cause of stomach aches, the abdominal cavity can be caused by the diseased organs outside the abdominal cavity may be due to illness. Stomach pain may increase in cases such as cold, food poisoning and surgery. Stomach pain can also be seen due to conditions such as a heart attack or lung irritation.

Does Stomach Pain Effect the back?

One of the most common questions is that does stomach pain affect the back of the body. Stomach aches can often recur at night. Sometimes your stomachache increases so much that it gets unbearable, your abdomen can recur from your region to the back region. This pain is reflected in the pain. In this case, instead of getting more panic, you can stay calm and go to the nearest hospital or call your doctor.

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