Salt consumption must be balanced so that blood pressure control can function regularly. If you say ” I can not eat salt-free food”, then you are definitely neglecting your health. If you do not have any health problems, we do not take the salt completely out of your life, but reducing it will positively affect your health.

That’s why you can easily remove salt from your life in 10 steps. Here are the steps you need to take:

Reduce salt in your life in 10 steps

· Do not use saltcellar in any of the ways to remove salt from your life in 10 steps.

· Decrease bread as much as possible and try to consume unsalted bread.

· Try alternatives to salt. For example, you can try lemon or spices according to the food you eat instead of salt.

· Be careful of not using much salt while cooking your meals.

· Breakfast is one of the meals that contains salt too much. For this reason, take into account the amount of salt you have consumed at breakfast, olives, and cheese.

· Try to consume less of pastry foods because they have a lot of salt.

· Pay attention to the food you eat from the outside. You can control salt consumption by consuming foods that contain minimum salt.

· Stay away from high-salt foods such as chips, popcorn, salted peanuts or salted cores.

· Evaluate snacks to control salt consumption, not just weight.

· If you change your eating habits, you will also have a moderate amount of salt consumption.

What are your recommendations for reducing salt consumption?

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