If you have been infected with herpes virus, it is almost impossible to get rid of this virus. However, there are several methods that can be done so that the virus does not go out or the flight takes place much quicker. How do you get a fever for you? What are the herbal ways of getting rid of the cold? We searched the answers of the questions like …

Why is herpes and how does it occur?

The herpes is usually in the form of bubbles that swell around the lip and mouth first, followed by itching and swelling. It is a common infection that is caused by herpes viruses that cause pain to a great extent and are also very disturbing to the person in terms of appearance. If this virus has entered the human body and caused it to bleed for a while, it is possible that you often encounter the herpes.

Suffering is connected to causes such as strase, sadness or cold in society. These reasons are true, but the main reason is that the child has been infected with herpes virus at age. Stress, sadness and colds help the virus to get through.

How does it contagion?

Pervasive viruses come into contact through saliva and close contact. They can go from person to person of the person carrying the virus or from person to person through sexual intercourse. There is no need for a virus to infect, and this makes it difficult to take precautions. Most people turn the virus off from adults at a young age. Kissing young children, loving them by squeezing their cheeks seems to be innocent, but risky love shows in terms of infecting herpes virus. Also touching a flight can infect the virus. If you touch the fly in your mouth, wash your hands absolutely to prevent it from jumping to another part of the body.

How to prevent herpes?

Once the herpes virus causing the flight has entered the body, it is not possible to get rid of it. Every time he sees fit, he will come back again. Therefore, you can ensure that there is no appropriate moment for the virus. Staying away from stressful environments, taking vital precautions to reduce stresssleeping on a regular basis, resting, avoiding close contact and common use can reduce the frequency of emergence. It is also possible to prevent it from scratch by rubbing an antiviral creeper cream when it feels like a tingling, redness, itching, and so forth.

Some foods contain an amino acid called lysine, which helps fight the herpes. Foods such as milk, fish, meat, legumes contain lysine. Consumption of these nutrients can also prevent the herpes collapse.

What are the nutrients to help the herpes get cured quickly?
  • Ice reduces the effectiveness of the virus. Before it begins to itch and reddish symptoms such as the fruit comes. Putting ice at this point both reduces the effect of the virus and also helps to pass the pain of the person.
  • When the green walnut shell is crushed thoroughly and spreads in creamy form, it will shorten the passing time of the fly.
  • Crushing the walnut leaves until the water comes out green and accelerating the passing time of the fly.
  • Massage garlic on the herpes without frequent pressing and make sure that the water is scattered everywhere. Do this frequently and you will see your flight begin to heal.
  • Compressing the region of the oak tree and the walnut tree by crushing the leaves has a therapeutic effect.
  • Put a black tea bag on the cap and gently rub for a few minutes. This will help reduce pain and help to improve the swelling.
  • Dipping cotton in the cuckoo and holding it on the penny will help to heal.
  • For daily cleaning, apply a few drops of tomato juice followed by aloe vera. Aloe contains many ingredients that are useful for our skin and helps to dry the herpes quickly.
  • Lime of marigold, antibacterial and antiviral properties that will help fight the herpes. To take advantage of these features, you only need to do three drops a day, a few drops directly on the herpes.
  • Stretch the nettle cream firmly to the forehead and rub it on the fly or boil the nettle and rinse the water to dry the fly quickly.
  • It would be good to wipe off the area with the cotton soaked in lemon oil.

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