Why is foot care so important in patients with diabetes? When is the diabetic foot problem seen? What should diabetics pay attention to? Here are answers to all these questions that are curious …

Foot care is very important in increasing diabetes mellitus in society. If people with this disease do not care on their feet, a ‘diabetic foot problem’ can be seen. This can even lead to organ loss. What should be considered when taking care of the risk of developing diabetic foot? Here is the foot care that diabetics need to practice …

1- Every day you should check the fingers and the base of the fingers through the mirror.

2- Every day you should regularly wash your feet and build with a towel that is not stiff.

3- Do not keep your feet soaked too long, otherwise cracks will appear and the risk of infection will increase.

4- You should not put cream on your fingers.

5- People with diabetes should not have pedicure.

6- In order to prevent submergence in the nails, cut the nails in a blunt shape and fix them with a rasp so that the edges do not become pointed.

7- You should choose seamless and cotton socks.

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