Health Benefits Of Drinking Water

Water is the body’s principal component. It makes about 60% of the total body weight. Every system in the body requires water. Lack of enough water in the body can lead to many negative health impacts. For example it can lead to dehydration, a condition that occurs when the body lacks enough water to carry out its normal functions. Although studies have produced varying recommendations on the daily amount of water intake required by an individual, for optimal performance it is best that one takes atleast eight glasses of water a day. Water has many health benefits as outlined below.

It helps aid the digestion process. Water is a very helpful agent in the alimentary canal. It helps dissolve fats, salts, minerals and vitamins thus enabling them to be easily absorbed by the small intestines. Water also increases the bulk of the stool thus helping prevent constipation. Lastly water helps flush waste products out of the Alimentary canal.

Helps fight fatigue. Water is an integral part of any workout. During workouts one tends to sweat, a condition that leads to loss of water by the muscles. Losing water makes the muscles get tired very quickly. Thus to fight fatigue drinking enough water is a must. For best results one should take water treated with carbohydrate salts before every workout.

Water helps prevent some types of cancers. Research has it that the greater the fluid intake in an individual, the lower the chances of the person getting bladder cancer. This is due to the fact that drinking more water makes one urinate more which in turn prevents build up of bladder carcinogens. Other cancers that may be prevented by drinking water include colon and breast cancers.

It improves one’s mood. Drinking water helps keep the mind refreshed. The mind is responsible of controlling everything in the body including the mood. Thus keeping it refreshed ensures one has a good rejuvenated mood. Drinking enough water is a must as even mild dehydration may cause a significant negative impact on our mood.

Lastly, with the multiple health benefits of drinking water, it is important that we ensure we drink enough water. For best results it is prudent that we stick to at least eight glasses a day.

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