What are the early menopausal symptoms that affect women’s life quality deeply? The answer is in ThinkersBlog.

We know menopause is one of the inevitable health problems that come to women of a certain age. Menopause occurs when the menstrual period ends up and the ovary loose its functioning. Although menopause is generally seen in the 45-55 age range, in 7 some women may be seen at an earlier age.

If you are not getting menstruation when you are under 35 years old and you are not sourced from another health problem, it may be due to early menopause. So how do I know if I’m going into the early menopause period? To know the symptoms of early menolause.

Early Menopause Symptoms

As we have compiled explanations made by experts, the early menopause indication seen in women is as follows:

· Deterioration of the menstrual cycle:
We can show this as the most important of early menopausal symptoms. One who enters the early menopause can experience menstrual irregularities. The period of the menstrual period can sometimes be long and sometimes short. It can be observed every 1.5 months, but every 15 days it can be experienced as well.

· Bone erosion:
The bones and joints pain appear in early menopause.

· Stress:
If you have an extreme stressful life, you have a high chance of getting early menopause.

· Nutrition:
If your diet is unhealthy and you have cigarette use, early menopausal symptoms may occur.n

· You may be experiencing early menopausal symptoms if you have had frequent episodes of fever and palpitation.

If early menopause is treated, the duration of menopause can be delayed.

We expect comments from people living with early menopause ..!

This information is suggestive and consult the expert for precise information!

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