The biggest nightmare of women is caused by excessive hair growth.

Every woman’s dreams are to have a smooth and hairless skin. However, you may have been faced with the problem of overgrowth due to some diseases or genetic reasons.

One of the biggest problems of women is the problem of excessive hairiness, it can become annoying when androgen hormone becomes dominant in women. Now we’re going to talk to you about some diseases that cause over-hair in women. These illnesses cause over hair in women.

These Diseases Cause Hair Loss in Women

Masculinity Hormone

Nobody is hairless, but if you have more hair in your body than other women, it can be because of a male hormone depending on your masculinity hormone, your body may have a problem with normal hair growth. The growing hairs became extremely uncomfortable because they are thick and hard.

Other diseases are as below;

* Diseases that cause excess secretion of androgen hormones, such as adrenal gland diseases.

* Ovarian tumor or cysts

* Imbalances in estrogen hormone resulting from thyroid diseases

* Pituitary gland diseases

* Polycystic Over Syndrome

This information is suggestive and consults the expert for precise information!

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