Yes, what is glutamine and what does it do? When you enter a store selling nutritional supplements, glutamine is actually one of the products that come out in abundance. Should it be used as reinforcements? Can it be taken externally on natural routes? What happens in its absence? I would like to talk about these issues.

What is Glutamine?

Glutamine is an amino acid type before anything else. It is one of 20 non-essential amino acids. Non-basic means to be produced by the body. Amino acids form proteins as you know it. 60% of the glutamine present in our body is in our skeletal system and the rest is in the lungs, liver, brain, and scaffold. In fact, it is not even hard to see what works in our bodies even from here. First of all, glutamine, an amino acid derivative that helps to meet muscle protein needs also has protective effects on immunostimulants, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anabolic and gastrointestinal mucosa.

What is Glutamine Effects?

According to Ronald Klatz (Head of the Academy of Aging Medicine, Chicago), glutamine facilitates the digestion of nutrients, regulates protein synthesis, provides a balanced release of growth hormone, and strengthens the immune system.

Glutamine is the nitrogen carrier of the body. In other words, the muscles need energy during sports.For this reason, the amount of glutamine in the body, how much less muscle reduction occurs at that time. We have to give what we need to the body.

In hospitals, especially in burn treatments, the use of glutamine has begun to become widespread. Above all, it has been found that accelerating the healing period due to the effects of supporting the immune system. Because, in the case of physical stress, body skeletal muscles consume more glutamine than normally produced. For this reason, it is possible to take it as a supplement. Besides, it has protective effects on the mouth, stomach, and intestinal wall.

Main benefits:

1. Meeting muscle protein needs
2. Helping to relieve muscular and connective tissue disorders
3. Support cognitive functions
4. Supporting the trauma and postoperative immune system
5. Increasing the intestinal can be listed as absorption of foods.

The role of glutamine in bodybuilding and exercise

Effective weight training lowers the body’s immune system, raises lactic acid and ammonium levels. Starting from the fifth minute of exercise, body glutamine and catabolic (breakdown) hormones begin to release. This continues even at the end of the exercise and the muscles continue to evacuate glutamine. So the harder you work, the more glutamine deficiency you suffer. If you reach the overtraining condition, that’s why the muscular loss cannot be restructured.

Glutamine Use

Most of the amino acids we take in our body are in the form of glutamine, and the body can be ready for use by storing it for the required amount of time. However, the times when the glutamine stores are most emptied in the body are stress times. In these situations, it is possible to go to the state of being taken as the supplement by external. In addition to being psychologically stressful, stress can also occur with various diseases. It is very simple to hold on to a cold, burns, even in cancer patients are running out of glutamine stores are exhausted.

The situation that concerns us here, fitness and bodybuilding, cardio exercises for fat burning are also stressful situations for the body, and these conditions are sufficient to evacuate glutamine deposits. As a result, we need to nourish and rest in order to break down muscles and repair them while doing sports. It may be necessary for us to go for the supplement for this shattering and repairing situation. Use as the supplement after training within the next 2 hours. It will provide the much better synthesis of whey protein to be taken at the end of the sport. The workout can be taken by mixing with 1 cup of water or any other drink as much as 1 cup of teaspoon within the next 2 hours, although it is said that it is appropriate to use 2 scales on the products as usage dosage. (Do not mix with acidic drinks.) The product should be thoroughly mixed until dissolved. After making a little effort, if the product is thoroughly micronized, it completely disappears into the liquid. Surveys show that between 2-40 gr intake is appropriate. For this reason, a supplement of 5 g after workout supports the restructuring and repair of the muscles, stimulating the growth hormone levels in the body.

Diabetic patients should consult their doctor before using this supplement. Because of this type of discomfort, glutamine has been found to be over-metabolized. In addition, when used in cancer patients, cell division is rapidly encountered. This is a tumor formation. However, recent studies have found that when cancer patients use glutamine, the immune system is strengthened and cell destruction slows down. Pregnant and lactating women need to consult their doctor before using it. Very rarely diarrhea can occur. (I did not see it before. Of course, as with all nutritional supplements, you should investigate whether you have any discomfort while using this substance and consult your doctor.

Other Benefits of Glutamine
  • Glutamine provides the basic energy need of the intestines. For this reason, it helps against the inconveniences that may occur in the intestines.
  • Glutamine, as a source of energy for the brain, strengthens psychology to provide a better mood, improve mental performance and provide short and long-term memory development.
  • Studies on the benefits of glutamine, which has become a focal point for those interested in bodybuilding and fitness, are on the way to muscle development, protein synthesis, and digestion benefits.

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