The name of the movement comes from being one of the most difficult bodybuilding movements. The difficulty of movement is the things to be aware of when it is done. Those who have never done this before, a personal trainer will be eligible for help.

The name of the movement comes from being one of the most difficult bodybuilding movements. The difficulty of movement is the things to be aware of when it is done. Those who have never done this before, a personal trainer will be eligible for help. If you do not have such a possibility, carefully read what I will tell you about the movement a bit later and then apply it carefully. In your first try, make the move as empty as if you had a weight in your hand. Then, after doing 1-2 sets with the empty bar, add weight and do with light weights.

Deadlift Movements Benefits

Although the Deadlift movement is a movement that needs to be taken care of as I mentioned above, it is a movement that is included not only by bodybuilders but also by many athletes continuously in their training programs. The reason for this is the abundance of muscle mass it has worked before anything else. It is a movement that runs almost all the muscles from the ankles to the neck. In addition to this, there is also a great advantage in strengthening the muscles around the vertical posture and the spine. Excessive working muscle mass means that the body supports the fat burning very well and can be used as a cardio exercise when it is very repetitive with light weights.

The basic muscles that work during movement are the muscles of the middle back muscles, muscles of the upper legs (quadriceps), muscles of the glutes (glutes). In addition to this, if we go up and down in our body, muscles of the calf, hamstrings, leg muscles of the legs, abdominals muscles, oblique muscles, back muscles, (latissimus dorsi) muscles, posterior deltoid muscles, trapezius muscles, and forearm muscles. As you can see, it is possible for a person to reach a very strong body by making the movement of deadlifts. There is something about ladies who are more interested in them. The deadlift movement is indispensable for the belly pitting of the region between the back and the buttocks. (As you can see in the picture.) We must add this movement to our exercise programs so that the hump looks more outward and indentation from the waist back.

Considerations in Deadlift Movement

We must absolutely warm up well before starting the movement. To warm our waist and leg muscles, we have to make 2 sets with an empty bar and then use the weight. If you are new, start with lightweight weights in this movement and gradually increase the weight.

During the movement, the waist hole should be formed in the forward direction, not moving in the hump position. The area shown in red is an example. It must look across the head movement. The bare should never be turned in any other direction. The shoulders should be on the full bar, the bars are concealed vertically down the bar. The bar should be on the line. The toes of our toes should pass slightly under the bar. As we climb up, the bar should be as close as it would lightly bite our bones. The bar should rise upright. When reaching the top, the waist should be slightly pushed forward and the muscles of the waist should be felt. The same principles, which are downwardly applied, must be lifted back at the bar touch point.

The movement should be done slowly and slowly, and the bar should always be under control. The hands are concealed by the outside of the knees.

Deadlift Types (Deadlifts)

Deadlift movement has been diversified with various variations. For this reason, it is not necessary to change the basic muscle group that the athletes influence.

The variation you can see most is the sumo deadlift. As you can see in this picture, the legs open outward, and the hand of the bar is covered by the inside of the knees. Hand position can be grasped internally as one can see from the picture. This is not mandatory. But doing this is a way to relieve your back muscles. The difference from the normal deadlift is that the inner leg muscles are also engaged. It, therefore, allows the entire leg muscles to operate more efficiently.

A very common variation is the stiff leg deadlift. In this movement, the knees are not broken. Or very little is broken during bending down. The purpose is to deactivate the muscles of the upper leg (quadriceps) and to put the main load on the hind limbs, hips and lower back muscles. It is a movement that is not recommended for people with low back problems. It should not be made with high weights. It is a kind of stretching movement because it also allows the back leg muscles to stretch well. As you can see in the picture, it is a movement that breaks the fiber of the hind leg muscles. The waist position in motion is the same as the arms and head position. The dumbbell can be used instead of the bar as shown in the picture.

It is important that the deadlift movement, which is the action of waist thinning and shaping, is carried out in a controlled manner with the use of the legs, the hip, the back and many other muscles we have just mentioned. These are the exercises that should be included in the exercise program. If you have any questions, you can ask from the comments section below or from the contact page. Any problems will be answered as soon as possible.

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