We all know the benefits of doing sports. Many people complain that they can not do sports and shape their bodies the way they want. First, you can start by getting to know your body type. We could list 3 body types so you can find which of the mesomorphic, ectomorphic and endomorphic body shapes you have.

Mesomorph Body Type

• Athletic body type. Thin waist and wide shoulders are the most prominent features of mesomorphic body.
• In an sedentary life, the whole body gain equal weight
• Moderate metabolic rates are available.
• It is important to keep the oil ratio in balance.
• Treadmills, weight lifting are considered ideal sports for people of this body type.

Ectomorph Body Type

• It is weak and thin body type. Narrow shoulders and thighs are prominent features.
• They get hard weight hard and lose weight easily.
• It has low fat and muscle rate.
• They have a high metabolic rate.
• Limited consumption of weight-loss antioxidant nutrients is recommended.
• Biceps, triceps, shoulder, chest exercises are suitable.

Endomorph Body Type

• They have a large and muscular body structure.
• They have wide shoulders and hips.
• High fat and muscle rates are available.
• Easy to get weight and hard lose weight.
• They have low metabolic rates.
• To gain weight balance, it is necessary to pay attention to the amount of fat and carbohydrate of foods consumed.
• It is suggested that they do sports to increase the metabolic rate. Ideal sports are basketball, jogging, swimming.

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