In fat burning, the protein and carbohydrate balance must be set up very well. So, do you really need to feed on protein to lose weight?

In fat burning, the protein and carbohydrate balance must be set up very well. So, do you really need to feed on protein to lose weight? Should carbohydrate intake be completely stopped?

Balanced consumption

We said that in order to burn the fat, there should be a regular training habit and a balanced diet that will support it. So, what is this balanced diet? It is completely wrong to take only protein in diets and to eliminate 

carbohydrates and other nutrients. Other sources of nutrients are also absolutely necessary for the protein to be synthesized by the cells. For example, it would not be easy to give the protein that needs muscle to be difficult to synthesize protein as a result of lacking full-grain foods and green vegetables. In this way, the protein we have received as a result of protein intake incomplete from other nutrients will either be stored or thrown through the intestines. This will give us muscle loss instead of muscle recovery. Carbohydrates should be added to our diet in a balanced way. Because carbohydrates are our main energy source. The carbohydrate, which will be taken 1,5 hours before the exercises, in particular, will give us energy at good sports level. If you start training after you have taken carbohydrates 1,5 hours before your weight training, you will be surprised how you can get the training out better. It is not very appropriate to start weight training hungry to burn fat. If you want to increase your muscle mass while also providing fat burning, you should also add cardio workouts to your work. Cardio work is not only used for burning fat. It is also necessary to perform cardio workout three times a week for a good muscle recovery. If you want to go to fat burning when you have to increase your cardio and interval workout by 5 times a week.

When and how should I apply cardio?

Cardio alone is not enough to lose weight. We must first reduce our fat intake, avoid ready-made foods and snacks. Cardio studies supported by a protein-weighted and balanced diet, on the other hand, will significantly support fat burning and increase “growth hormone”. In this way, our metabolism will be more accelerated and our speed of converting our culinary energy into electricity will increase so that our stores will start to run faster and will use our secrets after consuming the energy we have from our bodies. So it will be easier to burn the fat we have stored.

The most appropriate time for the application of Cardio, either immediately above the weight exercises or on separate days. If your fitness level is good and you have been doing sports for many years, after passing the doctor’s check mild cardio work done on an empty stomach in the morning will allow you to metabolize faster throughout the day and help you to release growth hormone more. Thus, fat burning will also increase much more.

You can apply what you enjoy most of the Cardio varieties. Among these are the most useful ones and interval running exercises that allow us to go to the destination fastest. Fat burning can be applied 5-6 times a week depending on our wishes, as it is enough to perform cardio work three times a week for people who do normal weight work and do not include the fat burning program. The duration of your exercise is related to the total duration of your exercise duration. The total duration of our training should be around 1 hour. According to this, we must determine the duration of cardio.

In fat burning, protein and carbohydrate must be balanced very well. Both must be consumed, but with a rough discourse, one portion of each meal should not be passed. You can fill out the following commentary section for your questions in this and other topics, or you can email me at our contact page. Good days.

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