Our hair is the area where we can see all the health problems of our body. Vitamin deficiencies, oily and irregular nutrition, as well as lack of fitness, are the causes it gets exposed. If you do not want to have this look, you should move and do something. The healthier you are, the healthier the hair will be.

If you are being treated for any illness, and if your hair is worn out during this process, you will be able to recreate your hair with the tips below.

  • After each shower, keep cold water on your hair roots. That will make the cells come alive. The reviving cells will strengthen your hair and provide a healthy extension.
  • When you are brushing your hair, hold with one hand and brush with other hands to make it easier to brush your hair and prevent breakage caused by brushing.
  • Once you are done with taking shower, you should always dry your hair from the bottom to the tips. You should not keep the drier machine too close to your hair bottom. You should listen to this suggestion to prevent the wear due to extreme heat. After you have dried your hair, tilt your head forward and shake your hair to get air.
  • When working with the heater you should not open the highest temperature directly, you should apply in 2 parts. Namely; Start at medium temperature first and get your hair to heat up. Then bring it to the desired temperature and complete the process. You should use heat-resistant hair care cream before or after.
  • You must use swimming caps when getting in the pool or the sea in summer months. It prevents your hair from being affected by chlordane and seawater. As its known, chlorine and salted water cause the hair to harden and break afterward. It is in your hands to prevent this and to enjoy the holiday.
  • You should always use nutritious hair cream and shampoo when you do your hair care. If possible, use the same brand so that your hair is not affected by cream or shampoo changes.
  • Do not tie your hair as tightly as possible and do not make knobs. These modelers will cause your hair to dry out as it will keep you away from getting air, and then you will break and split. You should not choose these models in order to avoid hot temperatures, especially at night.
  • Avoid spray, jelly, wax and other stabilizers, you should definitely pay attention to its contents if you need to use it. There must be ingredients to feed your hair absolutely in its content.
  • Recommended by 3 months, according to the extent of your hair. You should take care of the fractures of your hair in the time you set yourself up. This will help your hair look louder, livelier and grow faster.

Hair care is especially important for ladies. It is now quite accessible to show that your hair, which carries the cues of your personality, deserves care and attention. Placing it in your life and applying it without hinder, will make your hair look worthy of you.

In addition, the beauty of your hair will make you more confident and more interested.

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