The chemical name of oxygenated water is known as hydrogen peroxide. In some cases, and in some hair types, we recommend the oxygenated water, which is known to wear off the hair, to those who cannot get results by trying natural methods.

Though it is much quicker than other methods, hair cream should be used before and after using oxygenated water to prevent damage to hair.

Lightening hair color with oxygen water

  • Oxygenated water is used with 1: 1 ratio with clean water. So clean water should be mixed as much as the amount of oxygenated water to be used. In this way, you can also protect your hair and your health.
  • The way you can use it is to find a bottle and pour the oxygenated water mixture into it. Then spray the mixture on your then use a hair dryer to make your hair get heat. If you are in the summer months, you can also benefit from the sun. You need to stay in the sun for 1 hour like this. After at least 2 hours, rinse your hair with shampoo.
  • If your hair is dry type hair structure, after this process, you can take care of your hair before and after treatment with moisturizing creams or oils for further drying.
  • You can apply hair lightening with oxygen to your hair every 2-3 days until you reach the desired tone.
  • A mixture of oxygenated water that will create a wavy appearance in very dark colors will be more successful in the case of brown and blondes.
Be careful when bleaching your hair with oxygen water:

The darker your hair is, the lighter it will be. But if your hair is light brown, think twice before doing this.

  • Make sure your hair is well moistened to avoid damage.
  • Try not to splash around during the hair coloring process, it may leave a scar.
  • If it falls into your skin, immediately wash with plenty of water.
Interpretation of ladies who used oxygen water for hair bleaching
  • It is said that it should not be used to bleach the ends of the hair, but instead you should dye your hair with a dye of the same color.
  • Adding a certain amount of oxygen water into chamomile water will speed up hair bleaching process and get successful results.
  • Those who use oxygenated water for their hair say that their hair is never dry.
  • There are those who say they burned their hair when they were using it in the wrong way.
  • In some cases, there are people who say that oxygenated water gives off a very bad color.
  • Some people say that the oxygen water has lightened the color of the hair from the root.
  • It is said that oxygenated water should not be applied to dyed hair.
  • Those who bleach their hair with oxygenated water often complain that their hair does not look natural.
  • İt is told that you should not rub your hair by oxygenated water too long, otherwise you may burn your hair and make a wound.
Bleaching feather color with oxygenated water

Oxygen water can be applied to the arm hairs, making the dark colors go out and almost disappear. Apply cotton and oxygenated water until all your hair is wet. Wait for 20 to 30 minutes under the sun, with your arms pointing to the sun. You will notice that your hair appears to be diminished as a result of this process which will bleach your hair colors. After a while, you can reapply this process when your hairs grow long.

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