Hair care tips: 8 tips on how to take care of hair naturally at home  :-  Every women has a desire of strong and long beautiful hair. Now a days there are a lot of pollution outside around us which can damage our hair. So taking care of hair is most important for us. I am sure that you had tired your best but didn’t succeed in it. So in this article I’m going to share 8 hair care tips on how to take care of hair  by some daily hair care routine.

The most important thing for strong hair is your diet. Eating a healthy diet can make your hair very strong. So use the following simple hair care tips and routines which can bring big improvements to your hair.

1. Foods in your diet for healthy hair

The first and most important thing in hair care tips is our diet. Diet plays an important role for amazing healthy and shiny hair. The main constituent of hair is a protein called as keratin which need to nourishes by vitamins and minerals for a healthy strong hair. So eating a healthy diet is important for our hair grow. Here I’m going to share some important foods for strong hair.

  • Protein is the main constituent of hair. Our hair is made up of protein. So protein is the most important thing for our healthy hair. Ensure that you take plenty of proteins in your diet. Foods like egg, milk etc. are the natural sources of protein so include these foods in your diet for healthy hair.
  • Iron is an essential mineral for our hair growth. Deficiency of iron can cause hair loss. So include foods like Spinach in your diet.
  • Vitamin C is required for absorption of iron in our body. So include citrus foods like orange and lemon in your diet.
  • Vitamin A is required for the growth of cells in our body. It also helps our scalp for producing natural oil. So include foods like carrot in your diet plan. You can also drink carrot juice.
  • Vitamin E improves blood circulation in our body. It also balances the PH and oils. So includes foods like avocado in your diet for healthy hair.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids also nourishes and thicken our hair. So include dry fruits and nuts in your diet.
  • Whole grains also contains nutrients like iron and biotin which makes our hair healthy.

2. Washing tips for healthy hair

Washing our hair in right way is most important in hair care tips.  It plays a big role in getting healthy, shine and good looking hair. I’m going to share some washing tips which you could in your daily hair care routine for healthy hair.

  • Massage some coconut oil or olive oil to your hair before washing it. Oils are helps in pre-moisturizing your hair.
  • Wash your hair with cool water. Don’t wash your hair with hot water as it can damage your hair.
  • Use shampoo which contains less chemical. First, dilute some shampoo and then apply it on your hair.
  • When shampooing your hair, don’t rub it harshly. It can cause damage to your hair. Gently massage your scalp and hair by small circular motion with your finger.
  • Don’t use conditioners from root to tip on your hair. Just use it from the mid-length of your hair to ends of your hair and keep it for 2 minutes. Then wash it off with water.
  • Don’t wash your hair everyday as it can damage your hair by dehydrating it, strip it of its natural oils and can also cause hair fall.

3. Drying tips for hair after washing

Also drying hair in right way is important for your hair. Drying your hair in wrong way can damage your hair and can cause hair loss. So I’m going to share some tips on how to dry your hair in right way.

  • After washing use a microfiber towel for dry your hair.
  • Don’t use blow dryers as the heat can damage your hair. Always let it air-dry.

4. Brushing tips for your hair

Brushing your hair carefully is necessary as careless brushing can break your hair. So here are some tips on what you need to do while brushing your hair.

  • Use a wide toothed comb for detangle your hair while there are conditioner on it.
  • Use a boar bristle brush or wide toothed brush for everyday use to remove the tangles from your hair.
  • Don’t use round brush or metal brush to detangle your hair.
  • Detangle your hair from the end to your scalp. Don’t detangle it from roots to ends as it can leads to breakage of hair.

5. Hair care tips for styling it

I’m going to share a few things which you have to keep in mind while styling your hair.

  • Avoid using rubber bands and hair elastics as the metal clasp can cause damage to your hair.
  • When tying up your hair only use soft hair elastics.
  • Don’t tie up your hair very tightly as it can damage hair follicles and can cause hair fall.
  • I’m suggesting you to stop using heat styling tools like curling wand or straightening iron on your hair as it can cause split ends and damage to hair.
  • If it is impossible for you to stop using heat styling tools then limit their usage to once a week.
  • Always remember to apply a heat protectant to your hair before using heat styling tools to your hair as it works as a barrier between your hair and heat.

6. Hair care tips to protect it from sun and pollution

Sun rays and pollution can damage your hair when you are outside. So it is very very important to protect our hair from them. So I’m here going to share some simple hair care tips to protect your hair.

  • Using a hat or scarf can helps you in protecting your hair from sun in summer. It also helps in protecting hair from pollution.
  • Use a hair sunscreen to your hair to protect it from the UV rays of the sun.
  • Don’t go outside immediately after you have oiled or washed your hair as dust and dirts can stick to it.
  • Tie up your hair when going outside. Leaving your hair open when you are outside can cause dryness and damage to your hair.

7. Hair care tips at night before going for sleep

Hair could be damage while you are in sleep. So, taking care of hair before going to bed is important. Here are some hair care tips you have to keep in your mind before going to bed.

  • Tie up your loosely when going to bed at night. Don’t tie it up tightly as it can pull your hair and can break it when you turn at night.
  • Use silk pillowcases as cotton pillowcases can make frizz and breakage to your hair.
  • Apply an rub a little bit of any hair oil like olive oilalmond oil and coconut oil to your hair before going to sleep to moisturize your hair.

8. Tips for hair care by natural treatments

It is important to give your hair a natural treatment by some home remedies. Here are some remedies that you can find in your kitchen to treat your hair.

  • Warm a little olive oil and apply it to your hair. Leave it in for 30-45 minutes and then wash your hair. It helps in pre-moisturizing your hair.
  • Massage half a cup of yogurt on your hair. Leave it for 20-30 minutes and then shampoo your hair. It helps in repair dull hair.
  • Massage some castor oil on your hair from roots to tip. Leave it for 30 minutes and then shampoo your hair. It helps in reducing hair fall.
  • Make a paste of henna powder, 4 teaspoons avocado oil and egg by adding some water to it and apply this paste to your hair. Leave it for couple of hours and then wash it with water.

So, These are some simple hair care tips you can try at home and can add to your daily hair care routine for healthy and strong hair. If I have missed something then please suggest me those by commenting below.

Did any of the tips you tried and they surprised you? Let us know by your comment.

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