The number and type of malicious threats entering your devices are increasing day by day. In this scenario, it is really crucial to have an antivirus programs installed on your system, assuming one isn’t already. The expanding range of devices used for browsing the web also contributes to this. When it comes to antivirus software programs, the main concern among users is whether to choose a free version or a paid version. Primarily, this depends on the features you wish to use. In order to figure out the best security tool that you can use on a regular basis, it is best to first install a trial version and then decide if you want to pay for premium.

Few things are better than free protection, and most of the free antivirus programs offered today are very effective at what they set out to do. The main things you must look for in antivirus software are the level of security the different options offer and the impact of each on your device. Below are two of the top-rated free antivirus software programs you should seriously consider getting.

Comodo Free Antivirus

This is a completely free software that carries numerous useful features and is hence regarded as one of the effective security tools in the software market. It is capable of making sure that all programs and data entering your device are free of malware. Additionally, Comodo Free Antivirus comes with a cloud scanning option, which will keep you updated about recent threats as and when they are discovered. This feature is really helpful when a new user is transferring any kind of data into the PC. When it comes to the interface, all the icons are displayed on the main screen.

Avira Free Antivirus

With a customer base of millions all over the world, Avira Free Antivirus has now emerged as one of the best security tools available. In the case of interface, the main screen of the software is tidy, and features icons that let you start different tasks. Other than this, on the bottom side of the main screen, you also get an option for blocking and scanning malware. The security offered by Avira Free Antivirus is superb, as it includes cloud protection service in addition to the protection of local files and programs. This scans each and every bit of data that is shared by a user. The seamless scanning option is another highlight of Avira antivirus software.

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